The Art Retreat Exchange Programme is an art initiative to incorporated art therapy as to assist the children who are experiencing trauma and radiation effects in Fukushima. Art Therapy is a creative and therapeutic modality and intervention that is readily utilized with children from around the world. Art therapy is an emerging mental health profession in Singapore and surrounding region.

Therapists from LASALLE College of the Arts will be collaborating with the Today Is The Day, Ltd. (TITD) Foundation to create programmes suitable for children participating in the Art Retreat Exchange Programme. Art Therapy Masters Programme from both LASALLE College of the Arts and New York University (NYU) are the institutions that offer art therapy education to this programme to help those children from Fukushima. These two universities’ long standing recognition and experience enables the children to interact with trained professionals. Along with NYU, the MA Art Therapy Department of LASALLE College of the Arts and ‘Children Are Our Future’ from Japan will also be jointly working together to ensure the best treatment programs for the children.

As the initiative is highly recognized and supported by the local Fukushima community, the demand has been increasing through the years. More awareness was created from the benefits of art therapy. Holistic approaches have been incorporated in Fukushima in order to also include families into the therapy process. Trust building among family members and rebuilding broken community is articulated through the therapy sessions.


This year, we will be hosting 20 children between ages 9 to 12 from Fukushima for the exchange programme in Singapore.

Date: 23 July – 7 August 2016

The artworks produced from the Art Retreat Exchange Programme will be exhibited and displayed at gallery spaces in Singapore and Tokyo in autumn after the children have returned to Fukushima. The exhibition will showcase artworks such as Photography, Pottery, Drawings and Paintings created by the children from the programme. An exhibition will also be held in Japan to continue the engagement from the community and further amplify the initiative.


We will be organizing a Welcome Party for the children! There would be exciting performances and entertainments for families and friends. Do join us!

Date: 24 July 2016

Time: 6:00PM – 9:00PM (Registration starts at 5:30PM)

Venue: Kult Kafe @ Emily Hill

Address: Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228120

Ticket: Adult (above 14 years old or equal) $22 / Child (Below 13 years old and equal) $8 / Child (Below 5 years old or equal) FREE



Art therapy is a hybrid discipline that draws on the strengths of art making and tradition, and the principles and concepts of psychology and psychotherapy. It provides people with the opportunity to creatively express themselves, explore their experiences, enhance their wellness and wellbeing, and to engage in a meaningful and supported activity. Art therapy can address a full range of emotional, physical and psychological issues and concerns and can effectively compliment a multi-disciplinary treatment team approach. Many people appreciate the creative and non-verbal aspects of art therapy and allow the artwork to speak on their behalf when they may not have the words or readiness to do so at a given moment. Art therapy exists along a continuum from highly structured and psychodynamic to less structured and art studio based. It can be provided individually, to a family, as a group and/or to a community.

The expansion for a 2-year art retreat programme is crucial due to better effectiveness of continuous treatment and the immense need for continued growth and development of the children. This is the key factor for a successful outcome of the project. Art therapy is a long term 4A process of Acknowledge, Accept, Acquire, and Adapt.


We aim to continually grow the programme in positive benefits with a similar budget in the years to come and exercise effective cash management practices to deliver quality art therapy programmes for the increasing demands of participants.

Singapore Red Cross Society’s involvement has been essential in order to make the initiative a reality. In line with the society’s mission, this initiative plans to be change-makers in the society to help children who are experiencing from trauma to cultivate better appreciation and self-realization through art therapy.

The programme also aims to increase the public awareness on art therapy as a form of medical treatment in Singapore, Japan and New York through exhibitions, social media marketing, collaterals and lectures in the 2-year expansion initiative. This unique engagement will have a prolonged and huge positive impact for children with trauma from Fukushima.


Programmes will consist of artistic and cross cultural communication combined with a community support programme targeted to attain the following goals:

  • To develop skills of self-expressionism through artistic media
  • To cultivate cultural awareness through interaction with other individuals from different background and nationalities
  • To stimulate self –exploration and cultivate an open mind; nurturing a generation with the capability to contribute to a brighter future


Our programme needs your generous support. To contribute as hosting family for the children or volunteering for Miracle Kutchie Experience 2, please kindly email us or contact us as follow:

For General Inquiry
Tel: +65 8381 7421
Email: todayisthedaysg@gmail.com

For alternative contacts, please email the following coordinators:

Dina Nerina
Email: dina.nerina@mylasalle.edu.sg

Winnie Tseng
Email: weini.tseng@mylasalle.edu.sg

Stella Lim
Email: peisien.lim@mylasalle.edu.sg