Welcome Reception

TODAY IS THE DAY LTD (TITD) cordially invites you to attend our welcome reception in celebrating the commencement of our fourth annual Art Retreat Exchange Programme.


Date: 23 July 2017, Sunday (Entrance from 5.30 pm)

Venue: Kult Kafe on Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Rd, Singapore 228120

The reception will feature live music performances by Mantravine and Tim Stocker, as well as a capoeira workshop for children conducted by Contra-Mestre Tucum of Capoeira Art Canarana.


From 23 July to 6 Aug 2017, 20 children (aged 9-12 years) from Hirono-town, Fukushima will visit Singapore as Today is the Day embarks on its third “Miracle Kutchie Experience” programme since its inception in 2014. The children will engage in therapeutic activities and gain empowerment through artistic expression under the guidance of Singapore’s flourishing art community. The children will not only interact with art therapists and learn about ceramic art, photography, music and dance, lessons of which are to be helmed by various art organizations, including STPI and Deliarts Ceramic Studios etc. held in collaboration with LASALLE College of the Arts, but bond through cross-cultural exchange with volunteers from Red Cross Youth and St Joseph’s Institution International.

Current sponsors of the programme include the Singapore Red Cross, EMRO and Kult Kafe, at which the welcome reception will take place. The programme has also been made possible through funds raised at benefit art auctions in New York by TITD’s founder, renowned NY-based artist Noritoshi Hirakawa.

Mr. Hirakawa illuminates his cause: “TODAY IS THE DAY is proposing a process of identifying the fundamental problems in this world and finding solutions for them. Searching for a cure is an important way of encouraging transformation to happen. Creation is always here; we will know its effects through our inspirations. I believe it is extremely important for us to give humanitarian aid to the children in Fukushima; I think it reminds us what makes life worth living in this world. We very much appreciate your attending our Welcome Reception! ”


Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant of 30 km within, Fukushima Prefecture, to experience the healing and creativity through the art in Singapore Hirono town elementary school 15 people “Miracle Kutchi experience” in the welcome reception party  July 26 (Sunday) I will be held .

I think what kind of miracle now 12 days is waiting children. Emily Hill was full of creative energy in the artistic in the “White House”, meeting with other supporters who, while enjoying a delicious dinner and music, why do not raise a smile on children?

■ party details

Date and time: 2015/7/26 (Sun) 6:30 PM~8:30PM

Location: White House (1F) on Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road

Participation fee: S $ 30 (the ticket fee includes meals, drinks)


Live music: The Rogue Rojak Arkestra (Aya Sekine, Daryl Irvine, Duke-stolons Borg, Natalie Alexandra)

■ program background of

March 11, 2011 or later, Hirono town became a town of the nuclear power plant accident convergence-forefront. Located in the northernmost part of town “J Village” becomes a relay base of the nuclear power plant accident convergence work of TEPCO and the government, we are living a worker falls on decommissioning and decontamination gathered from all over the Hirono town gathered. After the evacuation order released, and the feedback was townspeople corresponding to those of the fourth with a resident card about 1,350 people only (February 25, 2014 now) and the number of workers is about two times the townspeople.

From such Hirono-cho, of 9 to 12-year-old elementary school 15 people will Raihoshi 12 days of 7 / 25-8 / 5. Guests can retreat through Art (healing) and so as to spend creative (creative) time to fully, LASALLE College of the Arts Art Therapy and at St Joseph’s Institute International and exchange meetings with and Red Cross School students It has been planning.

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Salon | Artist Talk | Noritoshi Hirakawa

Salon | Artist Talk | Noritoshi Hirakawa: Today Is The Day — The Next 10,000 Years Of Creation
Filmed on May 24 2013 at Art Basel Hong Kong

Noritoshi Hirakawa, Artist, New York, in conversation with
Tobias Berger, Curator, M+, Hong Kong

Benefit Auction held in New York

TODAY IS THE DAY Fundraising Gala and Benefit Art Auction, held last November 24th 2013 at the Jane Hotel Ballroom, NYC for the benefit of the Tropical Art Camp Project.